A big thank you to my Veleza followers , instagram followers, blog followers and YOU!!

Thank you all for this past month which has been amazing ! If you follow me on Veleza then a huge thank you as we now have 200 followers ⭐️!! What a big amount … I remember when I screamed at number 50 😂😂! 

Just wanted to say my life has been a lot better with all your comments , likes and suggestions and you are all welcome too talk to me anytime about anything and I will help you as much as I can. I love you all ! You can follow me on Veleza @soapso and Instagram @soapsoso and on Pinterest @soapsoo and on Spotify @soapso 


Food Tuesday- Juices

Hey soapies,

this little blog is on juices. Its been a hot and then cold suddenly may but heres some of my fav juices and how simple they are too make.

  1. STRANGO BLUE- strawberrys, blueberries and mango with 200 ml of water all in a juicer for 1 minute and then you have the very pink strango blue.
  2. summer fruit refresher- summer fruits all blended together if its too sweet add a little sugar.

what is your favourite juice and what are you upto today? love soap xx

Dbg inkeds takeover Thursday : my review on alien covenant ! 

Hello soapies, this is DBG inked, me and soapso watched Alien covenant earlier this week and she asked me to do a quick review of the film as I have watched all the others, this will be a vague rewiew as to not spoil the film for any soapies looking to view it, out of a possible 10 I would give this film a solid 6, although it was a step up from Prometheus it still wasn’t close to living up to the original film’s, I enjoyed the start of the film and the atmosphere however I found the character depth just wasn’t there you couldn’t invest or feel for any of the people in it, the story line was far from the classic alien and more a continuation of Prometheus, the plot holes and inconsistencies made the film lose a lot of its effect. Furthermore some scenes weren’t needed and scenes that where needed weren’t there, all this being said the film did have amazing visual effects, a great amount of gore and a amazing sound track. Even with its faults it still made for a good thriller/horror and if the name on it wasn’t Alien I would of enjoyed it a lot more. As well as this In my personal opinion if they made Prometheus and Alien Covenant a film series on its own (changed the name of this film to just covernant and changed the aliens slightly as the new virus idea and aliens looked incredible) it could of been a stand alone amazing series but as alien movies they just don’t feel right, to finalise this movie was a good space horor/thriller but a bad aliens movie. I would like to thank soapso for a chance to write on her blog and thank all the soapies out there for reading, by all means please comment with your opinions of the movie but please no hate as this is my personal review of the film and might not be yours. Kind regards DBG inked 

Wild Wednesdays- Brushes 

Brushes are amazing ! I first had my first brush at 8 and it was a fcuk retractable brush … I felt so cool and still have it now ! My latest addiction is the real techniques but I love Lottie brushes too ! 

Here’s how I store my brushes … what’s your favs and what ones do you think I should try ? Lots of love soap xox ❤️⭐️

Simple micellar cleansing wipes

Hey soapies , 

Today’s blog is on cleansing wipes .. now I don’t know about you but I think face wipes are a tad expensive and you could use baby wipes but I got two packs of these wipes which works out 50 wipes for just £3 

So what’s good about these wipes ? They have 2 vitamins in , have no alchohol and no oil !!! Plus no artificial perfume or colour !!! 

Make up comes of easily and leaves you with a silky smooth face . What do you think of them let me know and what do you use to cleanse your face lots of love soap xx

I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award?!

Hey soapies, so as you can see I have been nominated for this great blogger award by Sophia…follow her blog!


the rules are pretty simple- thank the person who nominated you which I did and she really made my day, answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you said and nominate 11 other amazing bloggers you really feel deserve this award and finally display the logo.

so here’s the questions I had to answer… hope you get too know me a tad more 🙂

  1. If you could be famous, what would it be for? I would hope for blogging or youtubing however knowing me it would be me doing something stupid and one of my nephews filming it… sounds so much like how I probably would get famous!
  2. If you had a do over in life what would you do differently? Nothing apart from starting my blog sooner as its made me feel so much better and like I have a purpose.
  3. what are you afraid of? Heights… I can pretend to a point I am not terrified of heights but I am .. you see it started when I was 8 and I went up the Plymouth lighthouse and a old women behind me shouted “wow look they all look like ants down there!” at which point I looked out the window and felt incredibly nauseous looking at the “ant” people and pushed all the people walking up the steps out the way… my mum was not happy with me!
  4. if you could be an object or an animal what would you be and why? I thought hard about this and thought I would be an undiscovered species because too most people I am in noticed but If you know me you would see the true me.
  5. what is your favourite season? hmmmm.. all apart from winter because where I used too love it snowed so bad we couldn’t get out the house!
  6. Do you have a Netflix account? ummm does stealing my partners count? hehe
  7. Tea or coffee? tea ! fun fact I cant have coffee as I feel super ill about half an hour after I have had it and I sometimes feel the same with coca cola!
  8. How would your friends describe you? Okay DBGINKED said “beautiful, intelligent and ummm (1 minute pause.. I am that brilliant!) your… a joy to be around”
  9. what do you do when your bored? work on my blog or photography skills
  10. Name 3 things you find beautiful: cherry blossom, natural surroundings and beaches.
  11. what is your favourite quote?: okay this is my own one.. only you define you. Its something I think of and think no one knows you better than you.

Thank you for this nominations and a huge thanks to everyone who reads my posts..much love xx

heres my nominees :












these are some amazingggg bloggers you have too check out!

here’s the questions they can answer:

  1. what made you blog?
  2. what was your first blog?
  3. what do you feel was your first achievement on your blog/
  4. do you feel your blog has improved your life and how?
  5. How do you handle negative feedback?
  6. What is you favourite blog?
  7. What was your worst blog and why?
  8. Who inspires you to be you?
  9. Which celebrity would you love to read your blog?
  10. what is the worst thing you have ever done?
  11. What is your most embarrassing story?

that’s all xx speak soon love soap xxxx