How too look fabulous in 20 years

hey soapies ,

now I can’t promise eternal youth with the product however a lady used too come in my shop and she looked about 45 she was 80!!! I was pretty shocked and asked her what her secret was and she said everyday since her 20s she has used Anne French cleansing milk on her face .

since then I’ve used it and ifs a fab product. It glides on the face and wipes off the toughest of make up ! It also has a nice smell too it and one bottle is about 3 months worse of milk .


What do use too make you feel young?


Lots of love,

soap x


Hamster care- food for may

Hey soapies ,

Just a super quick blog on the food I am using for my robo (robrovski) hamsters . Dwarf hamsters can get fussy as they get older in fact the truth is don’t buy expensive food as a treat as they then refuse anything else … I was only intending on this food for Christmas !

I would recommend the burgess dwarf hamster mix as it is small pieces however it is a tad expensive . 

What are mine having at the moment ?- my hamsters are having the burgess mix and have for treats mealworms and these carrot parcels which look like shreddies but are not ! I do also give occasionally a tiny bit of goats milk ( like I mean a really tiny bit ) as their fur was really bad when I bought them from a pet shop . Be careful as hamsters can be diabetic.

What do you feed your hamsters and any recommendations? Lots of love soap 

L’Oréal skin perfection cleansing and perfecting milk 

Where did I buy it and when ? – sainsburys and last month 

Would I buy it again and is it affordable ?- depending on the price I would , it was £3 and I bought purely to make my skin smoother and it has… so the goal has been completed in a matter of weeks. 

Has it caused allergies , break outs , pain, rashs etc? – none at all ! It’s a good product for me so far 

Does it remove eye make up ? – yes ! But I like to also use simple misceller water to ensure it’s all gone as well as the fact this is my wake up product… seriously it somehow makes me feel awake ! 

Does it remove reds, dark colours and waterproof make up – reds are very tough to remove with this product and dark colours too and as for waterproof Items I have no idea yet as I have not worn any for a while . 

What does your face feel like ?- silky smooth straight after use 

Is the packaging good ? – very stylish packaging which can be expected from L’Oréal but the size of the bottle is very in convenient for travelling and you have to be careful you do not spill the milk from the bottle when you tilt it .

What do you think of this product and what do you want tomorrow’s blog on ? 

See you tomorrow ,

Lots of love soap xox