Nivea pearl and beauty 

Hey soapies ,Today’s post is on making your arms feel good … and smell good !! 

This spray does not sting , does not provide marks and isn’t noticeable when worn. It’s overall great ! What’s your favourite Nivea product and why? And what’s your favourite deodorant ? Let me know . Love you all , soap xx


Thursday – soaps June inspiration 

Hey soapies ,

If you follow my Instagram you will see I’ve started to a) fall in love with blue clothing and b) love Embroided items .

Here I am going to tell you 5 items I am simply in love with this month .

1. Denim jackets – I used to have about 20 gap denim jackets because my sister worked for gap and I was like a super trendy kid having all these denim jackets . 10 years later I am back loving them . I have one that’s dark and one that is Embroided from . Denim jackets make me feel like I have something amazing on . When I add my jackets too any outfit it completes them . My favourite one is my one as it has the added little blue Embroided flowers on it – check out my insta too see it ⭐️

2. Bardot tops – blue Bardot tops have become my obsession. I’ve seen people wearing them and internally I want too steal them all ! They look girly and are a must have especially with some killer sunglasses . My favourite Bardot top was from Asda and cost £10 . I do not normally buy clothing from Asda as I have in the past bought items that are my size but simply do not fit however I was desperate for a top as I had left the house with a HUGE amount of toothpaste on my blue shirt and I was in a panic . Thankfully this Bardot top was there too save the day and will definetely be a June favourite .

3. L’Oréal nail varnishes in blue – I have got one in blue that I adore (sadly the name has rubbed off 😦 ) . L’Oréal nail varnishes for me feel and look like I’ve professionally done my nails . The colours look divine and last for ages .

4. Oz the great and powerful eyeshadows by essence – easy to apply and last all day , the whole collection is great and does not cost that much. Blue eyeshadow for me screams summer and can be applied for most occasions .

5. Nivea cream care cleansing cream wash – I know it’s only the packaging that’s blue but my skin has improved so much thanks too this little skincare product. Easy to apply and wash with flawless results what’s not too love ? 

What’s your 5 blue June products ? Speak soon love soap xx