May of bought some more lush bits … oops

I went into lush and thought I’d get my jumping juniper but in Exeter they didn’t have any 😫 however I spoke to one of their amazing member of staff who recommended this lovely little bar it smells Devine and she even tried it on my arm . I am super excited too use it . What’s your favourite soap shampoo bar ?

Love you all lots

Soap ❤️


Tuesday – photography and blogs 

Hey soapies,

Today’s a simple blog on what has improved my life and what I aim to do this month .

1. Photography- this month I plan to expand and sort my portfolio. I am doing to open university course in October . If you have tips or equipment suggestions let me know 🙂 

2. Blog- I aim to make weekly blog plans and share them with you every Sunday so you can all read the blogs you want when they first go up.

3. Timing – I am also focusing on the times you all seem to read my posts and it originally was 7 am however recently it has been 6am hence the time change on when my posts go up . What’s best for you? 

Tell me what your doing in this June ? Speak soon , love soap xxxx