Saturday – real techniques stippling brush 

Hiya soapies , 

So as you can see this post is on the real techniques stippling brush . I bought my very first brush by them in August 2014 ( I think it was 2014) in Superdrug with my friend Shannon who convinced me they were amazing . I remember staring at this brush for about half an hour thinking how the hell does this work ? What do I do ? It’s spiked… how do you use it with spikes? Did I just waste another £10? … Welllll all those years on I have had two stippling brushes 

Here’s a tip this brush is good for foundation which is liquid so Rimmel and revlon ones are good however I find Mac gives you lines when using this brush . You can use it on your cheeks too look amazing . 

This is a finishing brush so you will look perfect ! The bristles feel smooth and glide well and it’s easy to hold . However I feel there are better real techniques brushes anyone else feel that?  and I have not completely mastered using this little cute brush ! What’s your tips and do you like real techniques? Let me know x lots of love soap x


Ciate London triple shot mascara review

So soapies I received a while ago this little mascara which I never knew before ciate did mascara ? Did you know ? If you did well I feel like an idiot now ! 

So here’s my little review 

What’s the packaging like ?- the packaging is standard but clearly states the product.

Does the applicator look good and work well ?- yes the applicator Apply’s the mascara to the lashes well 

Does the mascara smudge ? – no 

Is it waterproof?- hella no … I came out of the shower and omg it was like I was an actress on eastenders … not my kinda look ! 

Does the mascara last? – yes it will last all day 

Does the mascara look natural – yes it will lengthen your lashes yet make them look natural …. something I always worry about with mascara 

Would I buy again ?- definitely however it’s all about that price tag on the product 

So that’s my little review what’s your thoughts ? Speak tomorrow lots of love soap xx

Zoella blissful mistful body mist 

Hey soapies ,

This little blog is about one of my fav sprays . This spray has a personal affect on me when I smell it … like do you ever get it where you smell something and it reminds you of something ? The same thing happens with me. 

The zoella blissful mistful is a small little bottle that is glass so be careful. The spray comes out evenly . The product itself does smell amazing and lasts for a long time and the bottle …  well the bottle just screams zoella . 

For the price I paid it was definitely worth it . What’s your thoughts on this and do you have a favourite spray ? Speak tomorrow , soap xox 

L’Oréal skin perfection cleansing and perfecting milk 

Where did I buy it and when ? – sainsburys and last month 

Would I buy it again and is it affordable ?- depending on the price I would , it was £3 and I bought purely to make my skin smoother and it has… so the goal has been completed in a matter of weeks. 

Has it caused allergies , break outs , pain, rashs etc? – none at all ! It’s a good product for me so far 

Does it remove eye make up ? – yes ! But I like to also use simple misceller water to ensure it’s all gone as well as the fact this is my wake up product… seriously it somehow makes me feel awake ! 

Does it remove reds, dark colours and waterproof make up – reds are very tough to remove with this product and dark colours too and as for waterproof Items I have no idea yet as I have not worn any for a while . 

What does your face feel like ?- silky smooth straight after use 

Is the packaging good ? – very stylish packaging which can be expected from L’Oréal but the size of the bottle is very in convenient for travelling and you have to be careful you do not spill the milk from the bottle when you tilt it .

What do you think of this product and what do you want tomorrow’s blog on ? 

See you tomorrow ,

Lots of love soap xox London candles 

Hey soapies ,

Anyone a candle lover ? Well your in the right place today I’m doing a little review on when I bought a candle from this company not only has cute and great smelling candles but its delivered super fast !

The natural and organic candles come in a little pouch and are all beautifully handcrafted. I loved mine sadly I have used them both 😦 but I shall be purchasing more ☺️!! They last for ages and are a brilliant feature in any room !

Tell me what you think and if you have these gorgeous candles yourself ? Lots of love soap #candle #london #sunday #sundayco #lush #smell #review