Day 5- Kate Rimmel 30

Hey soapies,

Every kate moss lipstick is great !! I feel they are quite possibly my favourite collection. This one I purchased a year ago. I love Charli xcx' style and this screams it ! It's a mix between her and 90s grunge with a hint of clueless . You can wear it night and day .

It's easy too apply and lasts for a long time . What do you think of the Kate moss collection? X love soap xx


Mad Mondays – Top 5 foundations for light skin 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a better blog than this morning which I felt lacked a bit of me … mainly because I was tired and had work but no excuses this one is gonna be hella good !! ( wow I have not put that in a while !! ) 

These are my favs in the order I feel is best 

1. Mac moisture spf 15- light and lushious this foundation looks great on . It makes you have a natural glow and dries fast yet stays on … hope that makes sense ! You will look amazing and despite the price I really think you should check this product out . 

2. Make up gallery – nude 3- slightly darker that ivory 1 this one will make you look a little darker so it’s perfect for when I do not want too look like I have vampire skin ! The product glides on and will cover any imperfections and is amazing concidering it’s £1 from Poundland ?!?!!!

3. Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory – 

I used this all the time at college and definetely made me more youthful and makes you brighten up . It’s affordable at £8 however the squirty pump annoys me and I have no idea why aha 

4. L’Oréal true match – vanilla rose –

This is a great foundation and certainly gives you a great glow I would highly recommend it but it does normally cost quite a lot . 

5. Santee foundation – 

I love this foundation however I live in the uk and I can’t get it as it’s American !! But this is silly and easy to apply and gives me a more golden look .

What’s your fav foundation and why? 

Ps . Look on depop people always sell foundation cheap on there 🙂 hope this helps love soap xx

Fab Fridays – prom lipstick ideas 

Hey soapies ,

It’s prom season and I know how you all wanna be a princess for your prom so here’s some of mine and dbg inkeds favourite colours so you can look fab and maybe kiss that Prince ( if you have any in your school haha !!) 

1. Pink – Mac wear with flare – costs £12- shimmering and a light touch perfect for natural make up and looks perfect in any light … perfect for a pink princess 

2. Red – avon 2000 red – price unknown – perfect for you if you want too be daring and dbg inked says it’s “red” and “good for kissing “… soooo girls it’s noticeable !! I definetely feel this colour is perfect and it lasts for a long time 

3. Dark pink – Rimmel Kate 05- £5 approx – this lipstick not only lasts for ages but makes your natural beauty stand out , be careful as these lipsticks look lighter than when actually applied.

4. Orange – Barry m 151- unknown –

Unique and soooo different it’s for a girl who is the trend setter . Orange is a daring colour but I think this year is the year to try it and this colour is perfect for you if you want something that stands out from the crowd .. who wants to be the boring girl ??

5. Purple – soap and glory in Pom Pom- £15 approx – my fav lipstick and lovely colour , it will make you feel amazing and lasts for so long you don’t need to check yourself in the mirror .

What’s your thoughts ? What did you use at your prom ?  Speak soon love soap xox 

Sleepy Sunday : is Poundland make up worth that pound ? 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a new product . I bought a wide variety of foundations from Poundland . This is my personal view so no hate … we all have our opinions! 

The make up gallery make up has stared at me so many times and said “buy me !” But I was resistant until a few days ago when I purchased foundations from Poundland .

Okay yes it was a pound and I’m not looking for an amazing foundation that would cost double that dirt cheap but I really wanted to see what makes this a little ( a lot !!!!) cheaper than my Mac and Rimmel foundations .

1. The bottle size is smaller than most foundations

2. No fancy packaging 

3. No fancy name 

4. The colours don’t Range that much 

5. The thickness 

6. How long it lasts

However the shade ivory 1 looks amazing on me and I honestly think I may use this as a base later to my Mac ! 

It makes me glow and I really think you should take a look in Poundland . What’s your thoughts ? Let me know lots of love soap xoxo ps what you doing this Sunday? 

Mac vs Rimmel : who is the best ? 

So today soapies I thought I’d do a little battle for which products are the best in it is the Mac matte evening rendezvous and the Rimmel moisture review 180 vintage pink …. these are my two closest Mac and Rimmel product colours. So there’s 10 factors that will determine which is the best.

1. Which product has the nicest packaging ? Mac ! The Mac packaging is stylish and looks more expensive then Rimmel .

2. Which product lasts longer when worn? – Rimmel ! The Rimmel lipstick lasts longer and even looks better then the Mac … the Mac sadly smudges when worn for a while . 

3. Which product could I take for travelling ? – the Mac lipstick is smaller and thus easier to fit in a purse or handbag compared to the Rimmel which is in a odd shape . 

4. Which product is cheaper ?: only by £5 the Rimmel is cheaper .

5. Does any of them cause cracked lips? – yes the Mac does after a day of wearing sadly your lips will crack whilst the Rimmel as it says provides moisture to your lips 

6. Which is easier to apply ? – the Rimmel is easier to apply than the Mac.

7. Which one can you actually feel on your lips – this is a negative you can feel the Rimmel sometimes too much whilst with the Mac you forget it’s on.

8. Which one has a fragrance if either?- the Rimmel has a fragrance which I like however some people wouldn’t like the smell of rose .

9. Which smudges easily ? – the Mac does and it isn’t easy to remove either !!! 

10. Which does my partner prefer and why? – the Mac one and because I have a light complexion so the Mac makes my lips stand out 

Soooo… I do love both don’t get me wrong but the winner of this little review today is … it’s a draw ? Okay I didn’t expect that 😂😂 so they are both great lipsticks and are both amazing products it just depends on what you want them for and where your wearing them . What’s your fav lipsticks ? Let me know . Speak soon love soap xxxx 


Hey soapies , today I thought I’d go through a concealer that I’ve used for a long time now it’s the wake me up by Rimmel concealer .

This concealer is liquid and easy to apply with its brush however it can be a little messy and that is something that no one wants so sadly that lets the product down .

Much like the foundation you have to make sure you get the correct shade . As I look like a vampire ( I’m honestly shiny like Edward Cullen ! Not a great look at all !! ) this concealer is okay for under my eyes but too much can make my face look like I’m caked in make up . Before buying this product id recommended you tested the product out . The concealer is one of the cheapest you can get and it’s seriously easy to take on your travels as it’s a tiny bottle. It also has a 2 year life span so pretty long lasting too .

As you can see mine has lasted quite a while . I think it’s one of the best cheap make up products you can get easily . Hope you like this blog do not forget to like and comment love you all lots soap xx ps tell me your fav concealer !!

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