My super easy and cheap kitchen accessories

Hey Soapies ,

A little bit boring but here’s my blog today on my kitchen and the items I have . So I have a knife block which I always wanted one but they are normally so expensive I just stuck too random colourful knives in one of my draws which was like a finger trap every time I went in there . This block was from Asda and only cost £4 after Christmas ! So it was a bargain !

The next up is my stag container without the stag lid which contains straws and was £3 I believe in matalan . Followed by my super cheap containers from wilkos which can be used for anything and a brilliant for flour etc but cost from £3 so not bad and they look cute and they have a blackboard top … what more do you want ?

The sweet jars were from my mum but they can from Sainsburys and the spice rack was £9.99 in bandm and is practically all the spices and herbs you need ! What’s your bargain kitchen accessories and tell me what you want me too blog about x love Soap xx


Food Tuesday : my top meal of the week 

Hey soapies ,

This week I stumbled on a little bargain from sainsburys . I am a lover of duck , it’s amazing ! So too find this duck so cheap was a suprise . 

There was plenty of meat enough for me and dbg inked and the sauce was divine ! The packaging is bright and everything is on the box . Easy to make and filled me up . However I find normally the price is a bit expensive but for duck it’s great value for money !!!

What’s your favourite food of the week ? Love soap xx

Fav Friday – food: drumsticks and thighs !

Hey soapies , 

So here’s a little blog on food for the weekend . This week my favs are these lovely thighs and drumsticks from sainsburys although I feel these are a tad expensive (over £5!) there is homemade ways of making these gorgeous thighs 

Soaps variations – I normally add thyme and oragano to thighs another is orange and lime zest … sounds weird but hella nice espeicially with lime juice or use BBQ sauce ( you can get packets for BBQ chicken for 50p in shops such as sainsburys ) . The cheapest place at the moment for meat I find is aldi . Where do you get your meat from and what’s your favourite thing to add to your chicken … lots of love soap x 

Food – 2 boneless lamb leg shanks with chilli and lime marinade

I bought this a couple days ago taking a chance as I really do not like chilli and dbg inked loves hot food . 

I cooked it for 25 mins and the meat was super tender and lovely however it was super hot !! So hot dbg inked didn’t like it and he loves super spicy food … so just a warning this is spicyyyy!!! 

However drink with some coke and have sweet corn with it and it will numb your burning mouth lol ! X