May of bought some more lush bits … oops

I went into lush and thought I’d get my jumping juniper but in Exeter they didn’t have any 😫 however I spoke to one of their amazing member of staff who recommended this lovely little bar it smells Devine and she even tried it on my arm . I am super excited too use it . What’s your favourite soap shampoo bar ?

Love you all lots

Soap ❤️


Must eat takeaway meals 

Hey soapies , so along side my little veg dish I am having this Chinese from farmfoods . It was only £1.29 so a fraction of a take away and looked simple too cook. Anyone else tried this ? Let me know your thoughts and what your having for dinner tonight xx love soap 

Saturday – ginger cream by zoella 

Hey soapies ,

So first off a little sad news , me and dbg inkeds oldest fish nami died yesterday aged 1 years and 9 months ( well since we bought her) .

However the blogs must go on and often enough she would watch me in her tank blog away probably thinking what is she doing ., omg what am I saying ? Aha 

So today’s product is ginger cream . The packaging is stylish and screams zoella . It’s amazing !! 

The smell is like gingerbread and makes you think of the winter . It is a little slimy sadly but it does make you look a lot more shimmery . 

So overall I would give this gorgeous little treat an amazing 10 ! 

Love soap x

Your help is needed !

So this is different ! I need help too make this blog 100 percent what you want too see … let’s make this a better blog for everyone so let me know what you want more of and what you hate ( please don’t say me … I know I’m not cool but still ! ) . Let me know and of course I will take them all into account . Love you millions ! Ps if you got questions just ask them and as always you can message me about anything .

 S x

Saturday 17th June 2017-The major apology! And the Mac select moisture cover concealer 

Hello soapies ,

Today was manic and so I didn’t get a chance too set up my scheduled blog yesterday … very sorry ! 

This concealer is a recent purchase so I am no expert on this .

1. Is it lightweight ?- yes , not only the bottle is easy to travel with but the product stays on your skin all day without you even remembering you put it there 

2. Does the colour suit me ?- yes , the colour matches my mac foundation and does cover my bags ( I know I’m 20 but even I have them 😂)

3. Is the product easy to apply ?- yes , with the applicator it’s simple to put on however one tips is wipe on the side of the tub 3 times the applicator otherwise you will get a massive amount of concealer on your face 

4. Is this a favourite of yours ? – it’s one of my favourites . It’s in the top 5 but isn’t my most favourite 

5. Would I recommend it ?- yes , for general coverage it’s good but for spots or dark circles it isn’t too brilliant .

What’s your thoughts ? Let me know 

Love soap xxx

Saturday – Netflix recommendations for June 

Hey soapies ,

Here are 10 things to watch this June on Netflix if you have not already . This is based on mine and dbg inkeds thoughts . Tell me yours in the comments !!

1. The sniffer-

Sounds weird right ?! Your not wrong it does but this Ukrainian show actually has become apart of our lives . All in Russian with subtitles the show goes through the story of a man who can solve crimes through smell . It’s amazing … sadly there’s only seasons 1 and 2 at the moment on Netflix . I can not wait for season 3!!!!! 

2. Bad education- 

Hated school ? Loved school? Whatever it was you will love this show ! I used to watch it all the time . It tells the story of a man named Alfie who really shouldn’t be a teacher … and nor should the other teachers ! Funny and definitely something to brighten your day check this out. It stares jack Whitehall … trust me he’s funny ! 

3. Clueless-

My favourite movie ! A brilliant 90s hit with some great songs and amazing 90s fashion … your just gonna love this ! 

4. Kung fury –

Totally weird and only half an hour long . All I can say is watch it ! 

5. Fresh meat-

A great show about uni students who really do not know a clue about anything . Well worth a watch and again stares jack Whitehall !!!

6. Fried –

Dbg inked does not like this one but I do … it’s so obvious it’s funny . Take a look at it as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea . It’s about a fried chicken shop and very much reminds me of my local KFC 😂

7. Rick and morty –

You have not watched this ? What universe are you on? A great show . Does contain swearing but it’s totally funny ! Give it ago 

8. Brooklyn nine -nine –

Great ! Jake is a cop with loads of others he endangers his life for others .. again it’s a comedy .

9. Izombie –

Liv wakes up as a zombie but how did she become one ? Find out . It’s a guilty pleasure of mine . I’m half way through the last current series 

10. Riverdale –

Once you have watched this you will want season 2 right now ! It’s about a group of young adults who all have secrets . Secrets that have lead to a young boy dying but who did it ?

What else have you watched . There was more I could of picked .. 13 reasons why is also another fav of mine . Comment and like . Lots of love soap x