May of bought some more lush bits … oops

I went into lush and thought I’d get my jumping juniper but in Exeter they didn’t have any 😫 however I spoke to one of their amazing member of staff who recommended this lovely little bar it smells Devine and she even tried it on my arm . I am super excited too use it . What’s your favourite soap shampoo bar ?

Love you all lots

Soap ❤️


Herbal essences ? What’s happened ?

I'm in shock I've used this product without anything else for three weeks and now my hairs got dandruff !?! I have too wash my hair everyday or literally it will look like I plonked aload of grease on it ! Tell me what you use love soap xx

Anatomicals – deep hair conditioning pack

Hey soapies ,

I recieved this little anatomicals pack in my pink parcel . I have always wanted to try an anatomical product …. I mean don’t they sound cool?! 

Tomorrow I am going to try it . Does anyone have any recommendations for hair packs if so let me know x love soap xx

Saturday – h20 blushing orange shampoo by Disney 

Hey soapies ,

Here’s something not many have tried . I have a little bottle from a Disney resort . The bottle is cute with mickey ears ( what could be cuter?!) it’s 37ml and it easily glides onto your hair creating a glossy volumised look . It smells great and I highly recommend. 

Love soap x 

Friday -does this shampoo work?

Hey soapies ,

So earlier on in the week I showed you I made this super cheap purchase at just 30p !! I know it’s not going to be like an expensive brand but the results were pretty amazing 

The bottle is super big which I feel is a negative however you can condense it into a smaller bottle.

The product comes out a clear colour and feels slimy … a bit like bubble bath . But the results onced used are amazing . My hair was glowing and feels lighter then normal .

I so far really love this product . Do you have a product that suprised you and made you fall in love with it ? Let me know . 

Love soap xx