Wild Wednesday- NUXE samples review

Hey soapies,

so recently you saw I got a fabulous selection of NUXE samples which once again thank you NUXE for giving me those.

I first of all used the NUXE anti- fatigue moisturising eye cream which is very cooling and kept me going. In the morning I used anti- fatigue moisturising cream which is so soft on the skin and smells so beautiful.

My favourite overall is the anti aging care which is called youth and radiance revealing anti-aging care. Its soft, has a light smell and makes you feel awake as well as look a lot younger ( not what I particularly need haha ). Overall I would use these on a day to day basis and I love their products. NUXE is definitely my favourite skin cream brand and ultimately if you get any of their products you will not be disappointed!

lots of love,

Soap xox


Thursday – nuxe gelee exfoliante douce

Hey soapies ,

Today’s product is one my ultimate favourites and I use it as part of my daily life however it is meant to be used only once a week .

This products packaging is clear , stylish and small .

The product will easily come out through the top and smells of roses 🌹 

The product come out a caramel colour and should be applied to a wet face . It will make you feel refreshed and look a lot healthier over the period of a week of usage.

It’s 75ml and I purchased this in bundle of items, however it would definitely be purchased by me again . Do you have an exfoliating product you like or have you used this product . Let me know in the comments . Lots of love soap x

Veleza app and a new skincare product for me too try 

Hey soapies, 

You may of heard of Veleza? If you Have not it’s an app that has a community of people with all different expertise. You can learn new brands , great products and also tell the world your thoughts on brands and products . You will love it I assure you 💕

I was lucky enough to be sent  a trial of a skincare product . The skincare product is made by El&So . The packaging is very stylish and elegant . It looks instantly like it will make your face brighter and healthier . It’s made in the U.K. I love the smell , it’s refreshing and it feels light when I applied . 

I look forward too the next week trying this product . 

Lots of love,

Soap xx

Fab Friday – try something new :  lavera creme 

Hey soapies ,

So for the next week I’m going to every other day use this product and see how it goes . I have never tried this product before but so far I’m impressed . 

Small and compact this creme can fit in any bag . It feels good and has made a positive impact to my skin . Has anyone else used this ? If so how did it go and also let me know your fav skin creams ! Lots of love sophie xx

Ciate London triple shot mascara review

So soapies I received a while ago this little mascara which I never knew before ciate did mascara ? Did you know ? If you did well I feel like an idiot now ! 

So here’s my little review 

What’s the packaging like ?- the packaging is standard but clearly states the product.

Does the applicator look good and work well ?- yes the applicator Apply’s the mascara to the lashes well 

Does the mascara smudge ? – no 

Is it waterproof?- hella no … I came out of the shower and omg it was like I was an actress on eastenders … not my kinda look ! 

Does the mascara last? – yes it will last all day 

Does the mascara look natural – yes it will lengthen your lashes yet make them look natural …. something I always worry about with mascara 

Would I buy again ?- definitely however it’s all about that price tag on the product 

So that’s my little review what’s your thoughts ? Speak tomorrow lots of love soap xx