Sleepy Sunday – trying new cheap make up

Hey soapies ,

So I went into home bargains which is amazing ! If you have not been in it it’s worth a look ( don’t grab a basket you will leave with a bag full ! ) . They also have an online website which does not have everything but some of their products on there .

Now I did a bit of a bad thing for me I bought some cheap 99p make up and the reason why it’s bad is because those of you who remember know the last time I used cheap 99p make up ( mascara – w7) it caused me too become allergic too mascara haha ! But I did try again this time with lipstick and foundation.

Now I used the Olivia hale make up and I bought a lipstick which I thought would wow . A rich purple ! ( lush colour !) . The packaging is not much different too maybeline however the product you can tell is cheap. The lipstick is hard too apply as the top is tiny . Probably best too use a lip brush but it’s still annoying and the product easily smudges … huge problem when all you had was a drink but it looks like you’ve kissed about 20 times ! Soo sadly what I thought would be my next make up sensation isn’t .

But …

I bought the Olivia Hale foundation and oh too the m g it’s great . It’s just like my mac make up , very similar colour and texture and is great for all over coverage . The top is in fact easier than most foundations as it’s a tube top . I really recommend this foundation and is the best cheap foundation . It out does my Poundland foundation .

What’s your cheap products your amazed with ? Let me know xo love Soap x


Sleepy Sunday – how to save money on your shopping 

Helloooo soapies ,

Ever wanted to save some money on your shopping ? Well here’s my steps to saving money ! 

1. Coupons – 

As simple as it sounds coupons will save you money . There are many coupon apps out there but also some websites do have them and always check local papers however do be money smart and think about the item that has that mark down price !

2. Apps- 

As I mentioned apps can help . I use mySupermarket to save money and know what shops are cheaper . Do you use an app and if so what? 

3. Cards-

Some stores have cards that will save you money for instance Superdrug do a beauty card which works out eventually as money . Nectar card is also a great one to have ! 

4. Timing –

Going into shops on a certain day at certain times actually can get you cheaper products for instance an hour before closing most supermarkets reduce bakery items to 10 p ! Also supermarkets often reduce the hot food items between 7 and 8 pm ! 

5. Bulk-

Buying in bulk can save you money in the long run however you have to really think do you need that many items . I feel sometimes this isn’t a smart move .

What’s your money saving tips? Lots of love soap xx

Sleepy Sunday : is Poundland make up worth that pound ? 

Hey soapies ,

I’m back with a new product . I bought a wide variety of foundations from Poundland . This is my personal view so no hate … we all have our opinions! 

The make up gallery make up has stared at me so many times and said “buy me !” But I was resistant until a few days ago when I purchased foundations from Poundland .

Okay yes it was a pound and I’m not looking for an amazing foundation that would cost double that dirt cheap but I really wanted to see what makes this a little ( a lot !!!!) cheaper than my Mac and Rimmel foundations .

1. The bottle size is smaller than most foundations

2. No fancy packaging 

3. No fancy name 

4. The colours don’t Range that much 

5. The thickness 

6. How long it lasts

However the shade ivory 1 looks amazing on me and I honestly think I may use this as a base later to my Mac ! 

It makes me glow and I really think you should take a look in Poundland . What’s your thoughts ? Let me know lots of love soap xoxo ps what you doing this Sunday?