Sleepy Sundays -Upcycling part 3- suitcase

Hey soapies ,

This week was painting a suitcase . So I had this old suitcase which needed some more love and I got inspired by Cuban items and upcycled my suitcase with simply a lick of paint . What have you upcycled ? Let me know lots of love Soap xxx


Wild Wednesday- learning German With babbel

Hallo soapies! (bit of german there),

I have decided too learn german and it is so simple with babbel. I have heard of this site for a long time and thought nooooo I do not want to spend that much money however I have discovered they are doing an offer for 6 months free so it will be £30 for a year!

So far it is going quite well they teach you how too speak the language and how too write it. You can also go back through each lesson and you can do it at your own pace. I think it is so easy too learn and I honestly am learning something so fast. They also have an app. What languages did you learn and how did you learn?

lots of love,

soapso xox

WILD WEDNESDAY- Mac Highlighter Review

Hey soapies,

Todays review is on my mac highlighter in the shade double gleam. Mac is obviously a popular brand that does sadly test on animals ( something I do not like) However I know their products look good and last for ages.

The packaging is sleek and looks expensive. Its easy to fit in your bag and even has mac inprinted in the makeup. The make up itself is one in a million. I have never ever ever found a highlighter that is close too it!

You can use it for highlighting your cheeks , lips and I often use a bit on my eye lids. It is relatively expensive however it will last long and looks fab in my eyes. What is your fav highlighter? let me know xox soapso xx

Who had snow today as well?

Feeling bad about being you

Hey soapies ,

This post is for anyone of you who feels compared and unhappy because of other people . Simple fact is you are you . You may not like parts of you or compare yourselves too others but you are fantastic .

I know a lot of you think she’s just saying this and probably doesn’t get insecure or doesn’t feel the same as I do .. trust me I’ve been there a lot of times . Whether it was because I didn’t have the latest trending clothes and wished I could or wished I was a super pretty girl .

I just wanted say today tell someone something special about them and make someone’s day ! Hope you have a wonderful day . Ps you are perfect ❤️ love Soap x

Sleepy Sunday – trying new cheap make up

Hey soapies ,

So I went into home bargains which is amazing ! If you have not been in it it’s worth a look ( don’t grab a basket you will leave with a bag full ! ) . They also have an online website which does not have everything but some of their products on there .

Now I did a bit of a bad thing for me I bought some cheap 99p make up and the reason why it’s bad is because those of you who remember know the last time I used cheap 99p make up ( mascara – w7) it caused me too become allergic too mascara haha ! But I did try again this time with lipstick and foundation.

Now I used the Olivia hale make up and I bought a lipstick which I thought would wow . A rich purple ! ( lush colour !) . The packaging is not much different too maybeline however the product you can tell is cheap. The lipstick is hard too apply as the top is tiny . Probably best too use a lip brush but it’s still annoying and the product easily smudges … huge problem when all you had was a drink but it looks like you’ve kissed about 20 times ! Soo sadly what I thought would be my next make up sensation isn’t .

But …

I bought the Olivia Hale foundation and oh too the m g it’s great . It’s just like my mac make up , very similar colour and texture and is great for all over coverage . The top is in fact easier than most foundations as it’s a tube top . I really recommend this foundation and is the best cheap foundation . It out does my Poundland foundation .

What’s your cheap products your amazed with ? Let me know xo love Soap x

New belt from Asos is it worth £12?

Hey soapies ,

So I got a new belt from Asos as my old one sadly went too bin heaven about 3 years ago and now I got new jeans I thought heyyy I’ll need a new belt . Now this belt too me stood out and looked lush and it really is ! It’s super nice and goes with most jeans . Tell me your little Asos buys below x lots of love Soap xx

Is the Tesco’s lamb casserole worth the money ?

Hey soapies ,

So tonight was lamb casserole . I looked at the box and it said 3-4 hours too cook and I thought okay cool I’ll do hassleback tatties for starters ( only takes 1 hour ! ) so anyway I put all the gorgeous vegetables in and a large piece of lamb came too £3 but it’s normally £5 and is a large amount for the money . Unfortunately after 1 hour somehow all of the lamb casserole was cooked and it came out horrible . I really wouldn’t recommend the lamb casserole purely because the meat turns too shreds and the vegetables didn’t turn out well . Moral of the story – Soap make your own lamb casserole and don’t buy it pre packed lol . Anyone else had a nightmare with a pre packed meal ? Let me know ! Lots of love , Soap