Nivea pearl and beauty 

Hey soapies ,Today’s post is on making your arms feel good … and smell good !! 

This spray does not sting , does not provide marks and isn’t noticeable when worn. It’s overall great ! What’s your favourite Nivea product and why? And what’s your favourite deodorant ? Let me know . Love you all , soap xx


Zoella blissful mistful body mist 

Hey soapies ,

This little blog is about one of my fav sprays . This spray has a personal affect on me when I smell it … like do you ever get it where you smell something and it reminds you of something ? The same thing happens with me. 

The zoella blissful mistful is a small little bottle that is glass so be careful. The spray comes out evenly . The product itself does smell amazing and lasts for a long time and the bottle …  well the bottle just screams zoella . 

For the price I paid it was definitely worth it . What’s your thoughts on this and do you have a favourite spray ? Speak tomorrow , soap xox