My bag of the month that only was £20!?

Meet my new bag of the month ! This £20 red little bag from new look . It’s a gorgeous red and really stands out . It’s perfect for any occasion and gives a pop of colour too any outfit . It’s got a 60s vibe combind with a bit of a Chloe bag as the handles are so alike to one . New look are only getting better with their designs ! What’s your bag of the month and have you found a new new look gem ?

Lots of love ,

Soap x


What’s happening soapso ? 

Hey soapies ,

I have been asked where I have been , what I am doing and what’s happening to the blogs. 

A) there will be lots of new blogs everyday however these past few days have been hectic 

B) your all amazing and I really am grateful for you 

C) I have handed in my letter of resignation at work and plan too do some travelling .

So this is where I need your help … for one month I am going to try and travel two places a week but I want it too be quite cheap . Give me suggestions of places and how to get it quite cheap . Let me know . Lots of love soap xxx

Thursday – max factor bronzing powder in shade golden

Heyyyyy soapies ! 

So in England we have had some really hot days and so I think we can call it officially a proper summer . If you do not know the uk then you will not know our summer is unpredictable . Our weather can change literally in seconds 😂.

So I thought this post is handy for those who want a little bronzer to add to their not so tanned face .

This bronzer not only glows but really makes you look naturally tanned . I love the look of the box and the feel of the product on your skin .. it doesn’t feel cakey . 

The colour Golden looks great if you mix with liquid foundation too .

What’s your bronzer your using and give me tips !

Lots of love 

Soap xx

Food Tuesday- Juices

Hey soapies,

this little blog is on juices. Its been a hot and then cold suddenly may but heres some of my fav juices and how simple they are too make.

  1. STRANGO BLUE- strawberrys, blueberries and mango with 200 ml of water all in a juicer for 1 minute and then you have the very pink strango blue.
  2. summer fruit refresher- summer fruits all blended together if its too sweet add a little sugar.

what is your favourite juice and what are you upto today? love soap xx

Wild Wednesday- how to cure that annoying summer cold ! 

Hey soapies , 

So today me and dbg inked have become ill … no not sick or not a normal illness … a cold in may ?!? 

Not normal no … 

Here’s my tips on how to cure it in 3 days 

1. Sleep – as much as it’s hard to do so try and sleep for longer than 8 hours as your body is weak remember it’s fighting off that pesky cold . 

2. Eat – eat food as much as your body’s like nah I wanna just fight this cold .. you need the energy ! Ps I love chicken soup .. makes me feel better  

3. Drink – drink water ! Only water so your body can re hydrate and you can get back to being you however ginger tea will help too and if you can’t sleep camomile tea however I find the marks and Spencer’s spiced tea makes me feel a bit better too 

4. Sunlight – try and open windows as much as you do not want too and try and get fresh air it will help 

5. Use a tissue and wash your hands – may sound obvious but seriously you will get better soon .

6. Have a bath – use a bath muscle soak or if you don’t have a bath some shower gel and wash your face a couple times a day extra too try and get rid of that cold 

What’s your tips ? Love soap xx

Thursday -prom dress and wedding dress ideas all under £100!!

Style , fashion and the colour … it’s what we all want . Here’s my top dresses I got all Each for under £100 

1- a gorgeous lace style dress bought from a charity shop for £100 originally costing £800 and never used !! The flow makes you look thin and the top has beautiful beads, match with a updo hair style and some gold or diamond jewellery for a gorgeous wedding or prom dress 

2. Simple yet chic .. I purchased this off vinted for £2!! This dress has a unusual design and is great for prom or as a guest at a wedding 

3- now this may look a wreck right now but concidering it’s a brand new French connection dress that cost £10 it is great … all you need is a little dry clean and some added sequins for a great dress … you will look stunning ! 

4. A little different this is a jack wills dress and you will not believe the price … it cost me £2 again from vinted !!! Whatttttttt! This would be perfect for many occasions and looks perfect no matter what you wear !! 

So what’s your favourite ? Let me know ! Love soap x

Summer backpack – may 2017

Slightly different blog but here is my tips for a great bag this summer 

1. Backpack or bag – decide on whether your going to be using a bag more or a backpack … this summer I’m going for backpacks 

2. Expensive or cheap- do you really want to ruin your bag with days out or buy cheap and replace ? 

3. Embroided – this season is for Embroided items take this into account

4. Find a brilliant buy- hunt down what you want and don’t just buy something that will do okay for the summer 

So this is my little new favourite it’s from new look and costs nearly £20 . It’s a lovely colour and has Embroided flowers … I love it ! It’s perfect for my summer . What’s your summer bag ? Love soap xx