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Saturday – Netflix recommendations for June 

Hey soapies ,

Here are 10 things to watch this June on Netflix if you have not already . This is based on mine and dbg inkeds thoughts . Tell me yours in the comments !!

1. The sniffer-

Sounds weird right ?! Your not wrong it does but this Ukrainian show actually has become apart of our lives . All in Russian with subtitles the show goes through the story of a man who can solve crimes through smell . It’s amazing … sadly there’s only seasons 1 and 2 at the moment on Netflix . I can not wait for season 3!!!!! 

2. Bad education- 

Hated school ? Loved school? Whatever it was you will love this show ! I used to watch it all the time . It tells the story of a man named Alfie who really shouldn’t be a teacher … and nor should the other teachers ! Funny and definitely something to brighten your day check this out. It stares jack Whitehall … trust me he’s funny ! 

3. Clueless-

My favourite movie ! A brilliant 90s hit with some great songs and amazing 90s fashion … your just gonna love this ! 

4. Kung fury –

Totally weird and only half an hour long . All I can say is watch it ! 

5. Fresh meat-

A great show about uni students who really do not know a clue about anything . Well worth a watch and again stares jack Whitehall !!!

6. Fried –

Dbg inked does not like this one but I do … it’s so obvious it’s funny . Take a look at it as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea . It’s about a fried chicken shop and very much reminds me of my local KFC 😂

7. Rick and morty –

You have not watched this ? What universe are you on? A great show . Does contain swearing but it’s totally funny ! Give it ago 

8. Brooklyn nine -nine –

Great ! Jake is a cop with loads of others he endangers his life for others .. again it’s a comedy .

9. Izombie –

Liv wakes up as a zombie but how did she become one ? Find out . It’s a guilty pleasure of mine . I’m half way through the last current series 

10. Riverdale –

Once you have watched this you will want season 2 right now ! It’s about a group of young adults who all have secrets . Secrets that have lead to a young boy dying but who did it ?

What else have you watched . There was more I could of picked .. 13 reasons why is also another fav of mine . Comment and like . Lots of love soap x