WILD WEDNESDAY- Mac Highlighter Review

Hey soapies,

Todays review is on my mac highlighter in the shade double gleam. Mac is obviously a popular brand that does sadly test on animals ( something I do not like) However I know their products look good and last for ages.

The packaging is sleek and looks expensive. Its easy to fit in your bag and even has mac inprinted in the makeup. The make up itself is one in a million. I have never ever ever found a highlighter that is close too it!

You can use it for highlighting your cheeks , lips and I often use a bit on my eye lids. It is relatively expensive however it will last long and looks fab in my eyes. What is your fav highlighter? let me know xox soapso xx

Who had snow today as well?


Bargain of the day 

Hey soapies , sorry for the late blog.

Look at what I found today … 30p shampoo from wilkinsons . For all you uk fans , have you used this before ? Let me know your favourite bargains below . Love soap x

Wild Wednesday – breakfast food for June 

Hey soapies, a little later than usual .. sorry about that but I had fallen asleep last night half way through blogging ?!? Haha 

Today I’m going to say the things I have been having for breakfast ( when I do have breakfast !) 

1. Pancakes – you can get some awesome little pancakes from sainsburys and they are great with a little bit of butter or add strawberry and ice cream 😋

1. Oatcakes – oatcakes are awesome and coat 90 p for 6 from sainsburys . I love the texture which kinda reminds me of a crumpet and a pancake in one . It says to add cheese on the packaging however I have not done that I have simply added a lot of unhealthy sweet items too mine haha ! 

What’s your June breakfast favourites ? Ps follow my insta too see all the food I eat … it’s a lot haha !!! 

Love soap xx


Hey soapies , sorry today’s post is not the awesomest post but today is mine and dbg inkeds 2 year anniversary! We will tell you what happened later but for now I just want too say thank you to George ! What have you done for your anniversaries or people you know and what they have done for anniversaries ? Lots of love soap xx

Wild Wednesday – make up draw ideas

Hey soapies ,

My make up draws are in my desk . I have three draws . 

1. Think about what you use everyday and how easy it is to access – I have mine in this order foundation, lipsticks and all my eye make up and eyebrow make up 

2. Design – is your draws suitable for all your make up or do you need bigger ones ? 

3. Think about the cost – draws can cost a lot ! So think about that

What does your make up draws look like ? 

Love soap xox

Wild Wednesdays- Brushes 

Brushes are amazing ! I first had my first brush at 8 and it was a fcuk retractable brush … I felt so cool and still have it now ! My latest addiction is the real techniques but I love Lottie brushes too ! 

Here’s how I store my brushes … what’s your favs and what ones do you think I should try ? Lots of love soap xox ❤️⭐️